European Wax Center Prices in Brier Creek

European Wax Center Brier Creek

➥ We’re committed to giving you the best waxing services in Raleigh at European Wax Center – Raleigh – Brier Creek so you can feel shamelessly confident all year long.

➥ Want strong eyebrows and silky legs? Same. Our waxing parlor lets you uncover your gorgeous skin through services like eyebrow, leg, arm, bikini, and Brazilian waxing.

European Wax Center Brier Creek

➥ Nobody should have to conceal themselves under stubble and razor pimples! We’ll see you, guys. Not just the ladies are deserving of that silky radiance.

➥ Our professional male waxing services, such as arm and chest waxing, might be of assistance to you from our waxing experts so that nothing prevents you from being your confident self.

European Wax Center Brier Creek Services and Prices

European Wax Center Brier Creek Body Services and Prices

Arms FULL$47.00
Back FULL$67.00
Bikini BRAZILIAN$63.00
Butt FULL$29.00
Chest FULL$35.00
Hands $17.00
Inner Thigh $23.00
Knee $20.00
Legs FULL$79.00
Nipples $15.00
Shoulders $29.00
Stomach FULL$35.00
Toes $17.00
Underarms $27.00

European Wax Center Brier Creek Face Services and Prices

Cheeks $15.00
Chin $13.00
Ears $15.00
Eyebrows $22.00
Full Face $61.00
Hairline $14.00
Lip Lower $12.00
Lip Upper $14.00
Neck $15.00
Nose $16.00
Sideburns $15.00

European Wax Center Brier Creek Hours

➥ If you have a question in your mind. “what time does European Wax Center Open?” Or “what time does European Wax Center Close?“, You’ve come to the right place. The solution to all your questions will be found here.

Day Hours
Monday 8:00AM – 8:00PM
Tuesday 8:00AM – 8:00PM
Wednesday 8:00AM – 8:00PM
Thursday 8:00AM – 8:00PM
Friday 8:00AM – 8:00PM
Saturday 8:30AM – 6:00PM
Sunday 10:00 AM–6:00 PM

Services of European Wax Center Raleigh – Briar Creek

  • Bikini Waxing
  • Body Waxing
  • Facial Waxing
  • Male Waxing
  • Wax Pass
  • What To Expect

Bikini Waxing

European Wax Center Brier Creek

➥ It’s simple to find that #SummerStride when your bikini line is flawless. We are aware that the first step in assisting you in expressing your true self is by giving you gorgeous skin at European Wax Center – Raleigh – Brier Creek.

➥ And we know you’ll kill it with our Brazilian and bikini waxing services to give you that silky glow. We apologize, but you guys will have to sit this one out.

➥ Without a doubt, girls, you should steal the show, and when you feel beautiful, who can stop you? With the aid of a Brazilian wax or bikini wax, reveal your true, fearless self.

Body Waxing

European Wax Center Brier Creek

➥ Why put off having smooth skin? We at European Wax Center – Raleigh – Brier Creek think you should be able to have radiant, hair-free skin without having to spend time shaving.

➥ In Raleigh, our waxing clinic provides body waxing procedures to eliminate unwanted hair so you may keep flaunting your inner and exterior beauty.

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➥ We’re convinced that our services will give you back your important time and leave you with the smoothest skin, offering full body waxing and arm, leg, chest, shoulder, back, underarm, and more.

Facial Waxing

European Wax Center Brier Creek

➥ The European Wax Center – Raleigh – Brier Creek can give you flawless skin and arched eyebrows. Our face waxing treatments will help you maintain a flawless appearance all year long.

➥ In Raleigh, we offer waxing services for the chin, cheek, lip, ear, nose, neck, sideburns, and eyebrows. We didn’t forget about the males, so don’t worry.

➥ For the treatment of unsightly ear hair, nose hair, and brow hair, our waxing salon provides face waxing services for men. Your tenacious facial hair won’t hold you back from conquering the day.

➥ Facial wax sticks to your facial hair and removes it, leaving behind soft, smooth skin that will steal the show. Our exclusive Comfort WaxTM removes every last hair, guaranteeing that your skin will remain flawless.

Male Waxing

European Wax Center Brier Creek

➥ Ignore a pass? Sure. Need a wax? Never. Our male waxing specialists at European Wax Center – Raleigh – Brier Creek can remove unwanted hair and leave you with smooth skin that always looks good.

➥ Want to keep your arms and legs in top shape for the upcoming competition or maintain the perfect beard style? The European Wax Center can assist you.

➥ All the treatments you require, such as arm, chest, back, leg, and face waxing, are covered by our male waxing services. Smooth skin is in, while clippers, beard trimmers, and razors are out. What’s holding you back from joining in the fun?

 Wax Pass

European Wax Center Brier Creek

➥ It’s not about “treating yourself” when you wax. The topic is self-care. In our opinion, nothing gives you more confidence than getting a wax at European Wax Center Raleigh – Brier Creek.

➥ Maintain your waxing schedule all year long with an EWC Wax Pass®. Our wax pass packages are made to save you money and provide you with options! Since we know everyone is unique, we offer a variety of waxing membership plans to suit your requirements. Select either flexibility or regularity.

➥ Pre-Paid Wax Pass® and Unlimited Wax Pass® are two of the wax passes that may be purchased at the European Wax Center Raleigh – Brier Creek.

➥ If you’re a student, call us to find out if the European Wax Center Student Discount is available at our location. Regardless of the wax pass choice, you select, you’ll discover that waxing gets more pleasant with each visit and produces results that last.

➥ The key to our Pre-Paid Wax Pass® is flexibility. The way it works is that you may save up to 25% off the standard price of pay-as-you-go waxing by purchasing a package of treatments from our neighborhood wax business in Raleigh.

➥ Our Pre-Paid Wax Pass® never expires, unlike wax service packages, so you may enjoy the services at your speed (and save every single time). European Wax Center Raleigh- Brier Creek offers wax service bundles for your arms, bikini, eyebrows, legs, and underarms.

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➥ To spice up your routine this year, choose your preferred waxing services. Save up now? At the European Wax Center Raleigh – Brier Creek, get a Pre-Paid Wax Pass® right away!

What To Expect

European Wax Center Brier Creek

➥ Waxing exposes more confidence in you in addition to attractive skin. A you who believes she deserves to realize her dreams and isn’t afraid to pursue them.

➥ At the European Wax Center in Raleigh – Brier Creek, we know the importance of self-confidence for being your true self. Because of this, our waxing salon is committed to offering various waxing services, such as bikini, eyebrow, and full body waxing.

➥ You may attain touchable, silky skin with our waxing treatments in Raleigh, which will make you feel fantastic. Would you like to learn more about the waxing process? Here are some of our frequently asked questions and their responses!

How to Book a Waxing Appointment at European Wax Center – Raleigh – Briar Creek

➥ At Brier Creek Commons in Raleigh, North Carolina, you may find the European Wax Center – Raleigh – Brier Creek.

➥ Our waxing salon is convenient for clients in Alexander Place, Brier Creek Country Club, Raleigh-Durham International Airport, and other locations.

➥ Both men and women can get hair removal and waxing procedures at the Raleigh-Brier Creek location.

➥ Let us treat you with hair waxing services like Brazilian waxing, full body waxing, upper lip, bikini, leg, and facial waxing.

➥ The convenience of online booking and the exclusive selection of skin and beauty products from the European Wax Center can help clients get the most out of their waxing sessions.

➥ They added Driving Instructions: situated between Massage Envy and Caribou Coffee.

European Wax Center Brier Creek Guest Reviews

➥ This afternoon, I went to EWC on the advice of a neighbor. She gave Lindsey’s service excellent marks, and I needed to find a local esthetician.

➥ Since I’ve been getting Brazilian waxes for about a year, I value someone who is attentive and pays special attention to the little things.

➥ Nothing is worse than paying for a wax that is improperly applied. Lindsey was wonderful. She was really warm, hospitable, and informed.

➥ I enjoyed our frequent conversations and her sense of humor. The temperature of the comfort wax was ideal, and it was virtually painless! Lindsey is a master at her craft.

➥ She is one to keep. The aim is to leave no hair behind. Since waxing is an expensive procedure, I valued the first-time customer discount of 50%. Today, I also bought the ingrown hair serum to use between sessions.

➥ Being the first faces, you see when you enter, Mia and the other young lady at the front provided exceptional phone and front desk check-in and out service. Five stars.

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European Wax Center Address and Contact

  • Raleigh – Brier Creek
  • Reopening today at 8am ET
  • 8201 Brier Creek Pkwy #103 Suite #103
  • Raleigh, NC 27617
  • (919) 806-5929

European Wax Center Brier Creek Near Me

FAQs- European Wax Center Brier Creek

How Long Is Long Enough for Waxing in Raleigh?

➥ Allow the hair to reach a length of around 14 inches. As a result, our Comfort WaxTM has more room to grip the hair and give you the desired smooth appearance.

➥ This would include refraining from shaving for at least two weeks ahead of your wax appointment for first-time visitors.

I’m Nervous for My First Wax. How Do I Prepare?

➥ We fully comprehend. Every waxing visit at European Wax Center – Raleigh – Brier Creek is centered on providing you with a great experience.

➥ We advise avoiding activities that can reduce your comfort level when waxing. Among them are sunbathing, drinking alcohol, and taking large amounts of caffeine.

➥ Inform your wax specialist if you take any medications, as some drugs may alter how your body reacts to the wax. Of course, your doctor is the best person to ask if you have any questions about any of the medications you are taking.

Can I Wax During My Time of the Month?

➥ Definitely! You are welcome to visit us for a waxing treatment when it is most convenient for you. Remember that you might feel greater discomfort than usual because of how sensitive your skin will be.

How Long Will My Bikini Wax or Brazilian Wax Last?

➥ Because everyone has a slightly distinct hair growth cycle, there is no set amount of time between waxing appointments.

➥ The typical bikini wax lasts 3 to 4 weeks. Want to prolong the smoothness of your skin? Please inquire with your wax professional about how our Strut 365® line of products can help you keep your flawless skin.

Don’t Hesitate to Book Your Waxing Service in Raleigh.

➥ Accept who you are and advance with assurance; you deserve it. With anything from complete body waxing to the best brow wax in Raleigh, our wax experts can give you the confidence you need to let the world see the true you.

➥ Visit the European Wax Center in Raleigh – Brier Creek today and make a reservation!

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Disclaimer : European Wax Center Brier Creek above are for estimate only. The data has been gathered from various sources Like online, on-site, and/or via phone. Pricing may vary by its location or may not be current. To confirm current pricing, please contact your local European Wax Center Brier Creek.

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