European Wax Center Prices in Bowie

European Wax Center Prices in Bowie

European Wax Center in Bowie – For the best waxing services in Bowie, visit European Wax Center – Bowie, where the goal is to make you feel beautiful on the inside and out.

➥ You may flaunt skin that always hits the mark by using procedures like Brazilian waxing, leg waxing, arm waxing, and bikini waxing. Place the razor in the trash.

European Wax Center Bowie

➥ Men and women can meet their waxing needs at European Wax Center – Bowie.

European Wax Center : In Aventura, Florida, David and Joshua Koba founded the first European Wax Center in 2004.

➥ Now with more than 750 sites spread across the country, the organization has experienced rapid growth over the past 16 years.

➥ While the business maintained its Aventura headquarters for several years, it relocated to Plano, Texas in 2019 as the brand continued to grow. Each salon is a franchise run by dedicated, independent entrepreneurs.

European Wax Center Services and Prices in Bowie

➥ The prices and services of the European Wax Center in Bowie are shown in the table below.

European Body Wax Services and Prices in Bowie

Services Prices
Arms FULL$47.00
Back FULL$67.00
Bikini BRAZILIAN$63.00
Butt FULL$29.00
Chest FULL$35.00
Hands $17.00
Inner Thigh $23.00
Knee $20.00
Legs FULL$79.00
Nipples $15.00
Shoulders $29.00
Stomach FULL$35.00
Toes $17.00
Underarms $27.00

European Face Wax Services and Prices in Bowie

Services Prices
Cheeks $15.00
Chin $13.00
Ears $15.00
Eyebrows $22.00
Full Face $61.00
Hairline $14.00
Lip Lower $12.00
Lip Upper $14.00
Neck $15.00
Nose $16.00
Sideburns $15.00

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