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Welcome to Toronto's Home of Customized
Hair Removal Services

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First visit at European Beauty and Wax Bar includes a proper skin analysis.
We want to do what is best for your skin and hair type.

No Chop Shop Waxing Here - Only Customized
Waxing for Each Individual

The Safe and Reaction Free Waxing Experience

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+ Hard Wax Full Body

+ Brazilian

+ Full Legs

+ Eyebrow Threading

+ Full Back

+ Full Chest

+ Lower Back

+ Chest

+ Manzilian

+ Full Face

+ Full Arms

+ Buttocks

+ Between the Cheeks

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Welcome to Toronto's Customized Hair Removal Services

Toronto’s Leading Full Body Hard Wax Hair Removal Service

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Toronto's Custom Wax Experts

How We're Changing the Industry

The First Full Body Hard Wax Hair Removal Service in Toronto

Waxing Toronto

  • Products used are created from natural ingredients
  • 100% safe for your skin
  • Industry Leading Services
  • Special offers for you
  • Quality service from our Experts


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  • Visit Every Four Weeks and get loyalty Pricing
  • No Contacts
  • Hair Grows Slower and Thinner
  • Less Painful
  • Save Money